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Rainbow Magicland Amusement Park


The Amusement Park of Rome

At Valmontone, in the province of Rome, Rainbow Magic Land theme park has been opened since 2011. The same year the park recorded 1 million visitors and in 2012, it won the title of 'Amusement Park of the Year’. Deployed over an area of 600 square meters, the park will be expanded in the coming months for more than 1,200,000 square meters, with the goal of becoming the largest amusement park in Europe.

Our shuttle service allows you to leave directly from your arrival point. From that point on, we take care of everything. In a short time you will find yourself in the wonderful world of Rainbow Magic Land, where you will discover all the 36 attractions of the park, as well as many shopping, dining and entertainment areas. Magicland is also home to some unique attractions in Italy, primarily the Multidimensional Interactive Dark Ride "Huntik 5D", inspired by and based on the eponymous animated series.

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